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Giving municipalities insight into the impact of Street Art on their city.

We strongly believe street art can make a huge contribution to your city's tourism, promotion and cultural status. We're seeing more and more cities heavily investing in street art festivals, public art or muralism in general. Wouldn't it be nice to gain knowledge on how and why people decide to visit, to get to know hotspots, and promoting your unique city to the rest of the world on our global network?

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Street Art Cities' City Insights tools finally give you a way to measure the impact of your investment in street art. See stats about how many look at street art in your city, how you compare to other cities, and the density of street art in areas of your city. Stats are updated daily, allowing you to analyse the impact of street art in your city on a day by day basis.

Your city in the Street Art Cities app

Expose the art in your city to thousands of street art ethusiasts and tourists that use the Street Art Cities app to find new places to go and artworks to view. As a City Insights subscriber, you are automatically shown as a verified city in our mobile app.

Hunters in your city are able to add artworks and routes, giving tourists a great tool to see all that your city has to offer.

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Street art tourism activation pack

Many tourists discover murals for the first time on the streets, see it online or maybe hear about it. First-timers are often amazed, surprised or enthusiastic, especially if they see it while walking down the street. Most of them go for their cellphones and shoot a quick picture. We think you should take advantage of that. Make those tourists aware of your mural portfolio, offer guided tours and make sure they share their favorite surprises online!

Mini route
Let us help you give tourists a sneak peak of your mural collection. This snazzy little sneak preview guide can easily be distributed in collaboration with local bars, entre- preneurs, shops or tourist agencies. The more the merrier!

Guide visitors to our app with a sticker campaign. This way they can find all relevant background info on all murals. Prominent places in town, near murals can be used as perfect spots to communicate the link to Street Art Cities as the tool that provides all desired info.

Share free postcards with large photos of your most beautiful murals. Show every- one that you value street art because of your connection with Street Art Cities.

Tips & Tricks
We also give you free tips for a successful communication strategy in our manual. Isn’t that nice?

Get started with City Insights

Want to know more or get started right away? Give our team member Bart a call or shoot him an email, and he will set everything up for you or send you more info! If you decide to start using City Insights, he will also be the one that will help you get started using the stats, as well as helping you promote your street art through our network.
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